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02 March 2015

Iraq: Tackling the challenge of balancing quality and safety in education

In their efforts to provide quality education in Iraq, the country’s educators are calling on public authorities for support amid the growing threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. More



teacher UK

27 February 2015

UK: Survey highlights plight of teachers

The excessive workloads and working hours facing teachers in the UK have been clearly established in figures published by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) to mark its annual Work Your Proper Hours Day. More




26 February 2015

Education heavyweights line up to support the rights of Korean teachers

The Global Campaign for Education has called on the South Korean authorities to respect the basic union rights of teachers in a powerful statement of solidarity delivered at its world assembly in Johannesburg, South Africa. More




25 February 2015

African educators throw their support behind Post-2015 education agenda

Leading stakeholders in African education made a bold statement in Kigali, Rwanda this month when they pledged to actively develop a new education agenda to help shape the future of the continent. More



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