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23 January 2015

EI to help solve labour conflict in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

As the labour conflict in the country’s education sector escalates, ETUCE, Education International’s European Region, aims to bring the parties back to the negotiation table after months of a sluggish social dialogue, which came to a complete standstill at the end of the year. More




22 January 2015

Teachers’ strike highlights Kenya’s education challenges

A Kenyan school made global headlines on Monday when children, some as young as seven, protesting against the seizure of their playground by property developers, were tear-gassed by police. More




21 January 2015

Opinion: The Right to a Good Teacher

Education International’s Antonia Wulff explains why a teacher target is a necessary and perfectly feasible feature of the post-2015 education agenda in the latest Network for international policies and cooperation in education and training newsletter. More



Amina J. Mohammed

20 January 2015

Keeping a close eye on education development after 2015

Even as the Global Monitoring Report prepares to launch this year’s Education For All results in April, it is already looking beyond to 2016 and how education lines up beside the next Sustainable Development Goals. More



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