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12 October 2015

EI recommendations included in latest CEART report

Education International has succeeded in having some of its proposals to the Committee of Experts on the Application of the Recommendation concerning Teaching Personnel included in the latest report, which is now available online. More




12 October 2015

Turkey: EI condemns horrific attack on peace and democracy

Education International has offered heartfelt condolences to its Turkish affiliate, the Education and Science Workers’ Union of Turkey, after eight of its activists were confirmed killed in bomb attacks that struck Ankara over the weekend. More




09 October 2015

Education International’s Tunisian affiliates celebrate Nobel Peace Prize

The 2015 Nobel Peace Prize honouring the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for its role in helping build democracy following the country’s revolution includes five of Education International’s very own affiliates. More




09 October 2015

Lebanese teachers’ union singles out politicians for country’s woes

The President of the Teachers Syndicate of Lebanon, Nehme Mahfoud, has lashed out at the political elite of his country for not settling their differences, causing the country to have a disfunctional parliament, a paralised government and no head of state. More



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