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26 July 2015

Congress ends on a high note

Commercialisation and privatisation in and of education will be at the heart of Education International’s agenda for the next four years as the organisation concluded a successful Seventh World Congress in Ottawa, Canada. More




26 July 2015

Plight of teachers in Korea, Colombia, Nepal, and Iran raised in urgent resolutions

Sungho Byun, President of the Korean Teachers and Education, brought an urgent resolution before Congress in response to the 60 thousand teachers from KTU who lost their union after the government decertified them earlier this year. More




26 July 2015

Call for values and end to violence

Several resolutions were passed at Education International’s 7th World Congress on the promotion of democracy, sustainable development, fair trade, basic social service and health and safety through solidarity and cooperation among member organisations, the international trade union movement and civil society. More




26 July 2015

Trade union concerns in Arab countries raised

“The situation of trade unions rights in Arab countries remains of grave concern,” said Patrick Roach, of the National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers who addressed Congress on Resolution 2.10 Resolution: Issues in the Arab Countries. More



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