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24 November 2015

OECD report rings alarm bells about quality education

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) launched its annual study Education at a Glance today, presenting strong evidence of the critical role that well-funded, quality education plays in fostering social progress. More




23 November 2015

Bermuda: Government legal action undermines educators’ trade union rights

Bermuda’s public authorities have initiated a questionable legal action to attack the right to strike, accusing trade unions of taking part in illegal industrial action. More




23 November 2015

Belgium: Schools remain closed amidst security threats

Schools and daycare centres in Belgium's capital Brussels remained closed today, as the federal government upheld the highest security threat level in the city. More




22 November 2015

Philippines: corporate inroads on public education

The latest in-depth Education International study reveals the extent to which the Philippine government has opened its doors to the rampant growth of privatised education, putting corporate interests ahead of its children and their families. More



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