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28 April 2015

UK: Teachers’ decisive action against ‘for profit’ drive in education

“#TellPearson no to ‘for profit’ schools because #ChildrenDeserve good public education @pearson.”This was one of the rallying slogans of education trade union leaders and parents in their action opposing education privatisation in London, UK. More




27 April 2015

Nepal: global educators’ community in solidarity after earthquake

Education International has sent out an urgent action appeal to all its member organisations, urging them to show solidarity and support for Nepalese teachers and their families. More




27 April 2015

Global Action Week calls on governments to vote for Education

This week, 26 April-2 May, the 2015 Global Action Week takes place under the rallying theme: “The Right to Education 2000-2030 - Vote for Education!” This is to remind governments of their promise to provide quality education for all. More




24 April 2015

Communication and sharing at heart of progress in Asia-Pacific women’s networks

The importance of sharing success stories and common challenges on gender equality issues within women’s networks, unions and communities have been reaffirmed in women’s network meetings in India and Malaysia, organised by the Asia-Pacific Office of Education International. More



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