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28 July 2014

Nigeria: Teachers fighting for security and minimum wage

Teachers in Benue State in Nigeria have finally gone back to work after an eight-month strike in the struggle for payment of the minimum wage. And now teachers in the Kogi State are on strike, as some have not been paid at all for four months. More




26 July 2014

Gaza: Schools should be safe havens

Yesterday an UNRWA school in Gaza was struck by a missile, killing fifteen persons, mostly women and children, and leaving many injured. More




25 July 2014

One step closer to quality education for all

After more than a year of fighting for a stand-alone goal on education in the post-2015 agenda, EI reached an important milestone in New York last week as the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals met for its final session. More




24 July 2014

Europe: Investment in education is condition for growth

On the occasion of the opening of the new European parliament, the European Trade Union Committee for Education (ETUCE), Education International’s regional organisation for Europe, has issued a statement demanding that European leaders prioritise investment in education as the most effective way to increase economic growth in Europe and to reduce social inequalities. More



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