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30 September 2014

Germany: future of teaching profession revisited

Teachers’ training and qualifications have been at the heart of a seminar organised by the German education union GEW, one of the numerous culmination events around the globe of the Unite for Quality Education campaign. More




29 September 2014

EI seeks your feedback on Gender Equality and Diversity

Education International (EI) is calling on its affiliates to have their voices heard in relation to equality and diversity. On 16 September, affiliates were sent EI’s survey on gender equality and diversity. The feedback, due in on 31 October, will provide the basis for EI’s four-yearly report on equality to be presented at its 7th World Congress in Ottawa, Canada, in July 2015. More




26 September 2014

New York: EI calls on the UN to deliver the promise of quality education

The voices of 30 million teachers are hard to ignore, especially after they called upon the UN yesterday in New York to make sure quality education remains a top priority. More



unite letter

26 September 2014

An open letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon from the educators of the world

Dear Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, we are bringing to you the voices of the teachers and education workers of the world. More



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Education International is the voice of teachers and other education employees across the globe. A federation of 401 associations and unions in 171 countries and territories, it represents some 30 million educators and support professionals in education institutions from early childhood to university.

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