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Slawomir Broniarz

21 November 2014

Poland: moving up the international rankings thanks to teachers

Teachers were seen as the driving force behind Poland’s improving school system when delegates met for the 41st National Congress of the Polish education union ZNP, while increasing privatisation was high on the agenda. More




21 November 2014

Building alliances and strengthening relationships key to achieving quality education

Development cooperation meetings in Brussels focused on strengthening and enhancing alliances, not only between unions, but also among NGOs and civil society groups to improve education quality worldwide. More




20 November 2014

Universal children's day: a long way ahead

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child - a defining moment in history, when for the first time, all children around the world were viewed as human beings with their own set of rights, including the right to a quality education. More



A world at School

19 November 2014

Nobel laureate in the UK to launch #UpForSchool petition

The streets of London will be buzzing more than usual today as Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi joins hundreds of youth activists and VIPs for A World at School’s #UpForSchool youth rally. More



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