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17 October 2014

Education unions celebrate teachers throughout Asia-Pacific

Events across the Asia-Pacific region, including an eclectic crowd of teachers, students, parents, and monks in Cambodia, brought together various unions and organisations to mark World Teachers’ Day. More




17 October 2014

Sierra Leone: Teachers learning to cope with Ebola

The Ebola epidemic has brought education to a halt in Sierra Leone, shuttering classrooms across the country, leaving all teachers, children, and communities affected as the disease continues to claim lives. More




17 October 2014

General strike in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) off the agenda for now

A strike in FYROM's education sector announced by ETUCE's Macedonian member organisation SONK on 29 September 2014 was averted at the very last moment. Following ETUCE's written intervention at the Macedonian Ministry of Education and ETUCE's ad hoc meeting with SONK in Skopje, the Ministry had suddenly agreed to return to the negotiation table only on the very day before the expected strike. More




16 October 2014

European trade unions tackle economic agreements and impact of education crisis

European Union economic agreements, the economic and financial crisis, and their impact on education were the focus for roughly 50 European education unionists as they gathered in Brussels to tackle issues across the continent. More



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