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Indian Teachers' Unions step up efforts to amend the Right to Education Bill

published 15 March 2007 updated 15 March 2007

Teachers’ unions in India are lobbying hard for changes to be made to the draft Right to Education Bill.

In February the AIPTF/India were kept busy with the organisation of a mass rally of primary teachers, in which more than 50,000 teachers from all over the country participated. The objective of the rally was to protest against certain provisions within the Bill and to exert pressure on the Government of India to remove them. On February 26 and 27 they marched from Ram Lila Ground to Parliament House in New Delhi. The rally was a great success. One day after the event, the teachers received an invitation from the Education Minister to meet and discuss their demands.

Meanwhile AIFTO leaders are camping in New Delhi from 12 to 17 March to advocate for changes to the Bill. An alternative ‘Model Bill’, prepared by an expert committee appointed by AIFTO, has already been sent to all MPs in Parliament as well as other officials with a role in this decision making process. The AIFTO furthermore informs us that its report entitled “Analysis of Different Studies on Education, Infrastructure in Primary Schools” is soon to be available. Focusing on seven Indian states, the report comments on the right of the child to a free, quality education of an equitable nature; the responsibilities of the State and the role of schools and teachers in this regard. To obtain a copy, please contact us at [email protected].