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Argentina: CTERA Steps Up AIDS Prevention Efforts

published 17 October 2007 updated 17 October 2007

Over the last month, EI's affiliate in Argentina, CTERA, has been involved in a number of new initiatives related to HIV prevention.

In September, CTERA began broadcasting advertisements on its radio programme 'Canto Maestro' ('Teacher' Song') about its Centre for HIV Prevention, Counselling and Testing. As well as providing information about the Centre, CTERA sent out messages about the importance of getting tested, on a free, voluntary and confidential basis. This programme is broadcast nationwide every Saturday from 12-1pm from the headquarters of CTERA via the national radio station, Rivadavia. The radio programme will form a part of the upcoming campaign activities planned by CTERA to mark World AIDS Day on December 1st.

Also last month, CTERA's HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme Coordinator, Roxana Rogalski, was invited to act as a panellist in a round table meeting on AIDS focusing on national legislation, emerging public policies and HIV/AIDS in the workplace. The round table meeting took place within the context of the National AIDS Conference from September 5-8 in Paraná, Entre Rios. This was the first time that trade union representatives were invited to speak at the Conference.

One of the main questions being posed at the event was whether or not it is seen as necessary to update the existing legislation on AIDS in Argentina. The Conference noted that it would be necessary to reinforce existing agreements and to emphasise the need for leadership in the area of HIV/AIDS via partnerships bringing together experts, community leaders and leaders of social organisations to discuss the latest developments in the field of clinical research, epidemiology and the basic sciences. Representatives of teachers trade unions and other civil society organisations played an active role in the event via information stands and the presentation of papers and posters.