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Arab educators stand firm in the face of challenges

published 19 December 2013 updated 6 January 2014

The EI Arab Countries Cross Regional Structure (ACCRS) Standing Committee affirmed its commitment to EI’s Unite for Quality Education (Unite) campaign at its third meeting in Beirut, Lebanon, from 13-14 December.

Attended by EI Deputy General Secretary Haldis Holst, the meeting also discussed campaign-related activities implemented by Arab affiliates, as well as strategies and future plans to actively engage all member organisations in this campaign.

The impact of political and economic changes in the Arab countries and their effects on education came under review. The committee also explored initiatives that could be implemented to secure and reinforce educational systems affected by political and social developments.

Human and trade union rights must be respected

“It is very important to engage all EI Arab affiliates in the Unite campaign,” said the Chair of the Standing Committee, Taher Dhaker. “EI ACCRS Standing Committee members have also expressed deep concerns concerning Syrian teachers and the impact of the Syrian refugees’ migration to Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, as well as right violations against a number of teacher unionists in Arab countries, which must immediately stop.”

The Standing Committee members said that they would do everything in their power to meet their responsibilitiesin defending teachers’ rights and all persecuted unionists, eradicate illiteracy, and guarantee the right to free quality public education for all, in particular women and girls.