Seminar Wrap Up: Gender and Occupational Health

published 7 February 2014 updated 11 February 2014

The presentations held at the ETUI seminar in Porto on 23 and 24 January are online now. The seminar had the title "His and hers: justice and health in employment and the workplace" and was conducted in collaboration with Porto University.

Around 130 attendees from academia, trade unions the labour inspectorate and health services discussed policies to improve working conditions and issues around "gender and the labour market" and "gender and occupational health".

The seminar highlighted how the gender division of labour plays into the production of social inequalities: the labour market tends to concentrate women into a small number of job types; part-time work is low-paid and often involves poor working conditions; most domestic chores are done by women, etc.

In March 2015, ETUI will devote a major European conference to these issues.

Link: http://www.etui.org/Topics/Health-Safety/News/Health-at-work-his-and-hers-!-ETUI-seminar-in-Porto