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Germany: Early childhood educators deserve better conditions of employment

published 29 July 2014 updated 31 July 2014

The work done by educators in day care centres (Kitas) in Germany must receive greater recognition. That’s according to Verband Bildung und Erziehung (VBE), one of EI’s national affiliates, in a statement issued on 25 July.

“Kitas are perceived and acknowledged by the general public as educational institutions,” said VBE national President Udo Beckmann in the statement. “This is largely thanks to the dedicated and competent and professional work of educators in Kitas.”

‘’Since the introduction of a right to register in a Kita, the elementary level is undergoing a serious process of change,’’ he adds.

Part of education system

Kitas represent the entry point to the institutional education system, Beckmann said. “The education profession and educators need greater appreciation and, therefore, better pay and access to training at a college level. Barriers must be eliminated in the search for better trained workers for day care centres.”

Beckmann also highlighted that the acquisition of a university degree was not previously reflected in a person’s salary in this field.

‘’Trends towards shortening the usual teacher training are not acceptable,’’ said Beckmann. “Staff shortages cannot be resolved this way. Short staffing in early childhood education is not only bad for the children; it also prevents a good introduction of young educators into the profession via teaching from older senior staff. This vicious circle must finally be eliminated.”