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Pakistan: culmination events in full swing

published 17 September 2014 updated 18 September 2014

Affiliates in Pakistan are promoting quality education throughout the country, and have joined the campaign’s culmination events by blending its slogans with Pakistan’s traditional culture and teachers’ daily lives.

As the unite campaign draws to its close, affiliates all over the world are joining the culmination events’ week with creativity and engagement. In Lahore, our affiliate COT has arranged meetings with hundreds of teachers from different communities and backgrounds, as well as students and scholars. In Karachi, the biggest city in the country, a caravan has travelled the area during three days, reaching thousands of people.

Taking the campaign to the countryside, educators have dressed traditional vehicles called “Tanga” with flags and banners with the Unite campaign logos, showing that the key messages of the campaign can adapt to any place and circumstance.

Pakistani teacher will attend New York event

Zahoor, a 31-year-old primary teacher from Pakistan will be present at the culmination event in New York that Education International is organising in order to reach the highest ranks of policy with its message for quality education. As a member of the Central Organization of Teachers (COT) union, Zahoor has been involved in many trade union activities, including World Teachers’ Day, Global action week celebration, and anti-child labour campaigns, to name just a few. Currently he is involved in completing EI’s international teachers’ survey and was a part of producing a quality education video.

Action continues beyond the 'Unite' campaign

Quality education will also be a focus point during World Teachers’ Day, 5th October, when teachers around the globe will be celebrated in classrooms, villages, and cities for their tireless dedication to the profession.

To make October 5th a day to remember, EI is calling on all members and colleagues to take part by having their voices heard to ensure world leaders know how important a quality teacher is in helping students reach their full potential.

Beginning at 12:00 noon, EI is asking everyone to ‘Push the Button’ by emailing, texting, or tweeting your messages of support for quality education directly to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Click here for more information.