Nordic Teachers’ Council: joining forces for quality education

published 8 October 2014 updated 10 October 2014

The Nordic Teachers’ Council (NLS), which represents 18 teacher organisations throughout the countries of Northern Europe, has taken a strong stand for quality education beyond 2015.

In their letter to all Nordic Prime Ministers as well as the Secretary General of the United Nations, NLS stresses the need for commitments to teacher training and adequate financing in the new global education agenda.

With little more than one year until the deadline for the Education For All and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the question is what happens beyond 2015. A number of different proposals have been made and the UN negotiations on a new development framework are expected to kick off in January 2015.

Dated 1st October in Helsinki, Finland, the NLS letter has been signed by the presidents of 18 trade unions representing more than 600.000 affiliates. It calls for quality education to be at the centre of any post-2015 agenda and positions trained and qualified teachers as a precondition for quality education for all. As the process moves forward, NLS is calling for the inclusion of a robust teacher target and further highlights the need for a target on education financing. They also underline the importance of involving teachers in these processes.

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