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Education International

Statement: EI General Secretary Fred van Leeuwen on school attack in Pakistan

published 16 December 2014 updated 18 December 2014

"We, at Education International, are in shock following today’s murderous school attack in Pakistan...

We are less than one week removed from Malala being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous fight for education after she too was gunned down by the Taliban. Only six days ago, on international Human Rights Day, we witnessed the world embrace not only the Nobel Laureates, but education as a human right. Now, teachers, students and their families are suffering through another tragedy.

In no way can we stand to tolerate the massacre of our students for wanting to be educated, and in no way can we close our eyes to the assassination of our teachers for making quality education a reality.

As an organisation dedicated to seeing that all children receive a quality education, free from fear or violence, we are calling on the Government of Pakistan to do what it must to ensure that schools remain safe and open to whomever wishes to learn, regardless of race, religion, or gender.”