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Kazakhstan: stronger education unions through reinforcement of negotiating and organising skills

published 16 July 2015 updated 12 August 2015

The Asia-Pacific office of Education International has organised two workshops on trade union issues for members of the Kazakhstan Trade Union of Education and Science Workers, its national affiliate, strengthening their negotiating and organising skills.

The first of the intermediate level trade union workshops for trade union leaders of the Kazakhstan Trade Union of Education and Science Workers (KTUESW) was held in Shymkent, from 1-3 July, and the second one in Khezkazgan, from 4-6 July.

Both workshops pursued the following objectives:

·         Reinforced the knowledge and skills acquired in the Basic Oblast Seminar/ Workshop;

·         Improved the leadership qualities of trade union leaders;

·         Understood the concepts and principles of Trade Union

·         Administration and Union Programs

·         Increased knowledge on the value of trade union meetings and communication within and outside the union;

·         Understood the value of assertiveness in the trade union;

·         Strengthened the negotiating position of the union in concluding collective agreements

·         Acquired skills in organisational development planning

These follow-up workshops to earlier basic workshops in Kazakhstan were useful as they further cemented skills and knowledge previously gained, underlined Education International’s Regional Coordinator Jerome Fernandez.

He went on to note that the workshop held in Khezkazgan was particularly “a successful workshop” as it was noticeable that the participants had used knowledge gained earlier in the running of their trade union, and that the extended skills and knowledge will certainly be further used.