Resolution on Solidarity with the Teachers Affected by the Earthquake in South Peru

published 28 July 2001 updated 31 March 2017

The Third World Congress of Education International, meeting in Jomtien, Thailand, from 25 to 29 July, 2001:


1. That, on Saturday 23 June 2001, the villages in the South of Peru were hit by an earthquake of a magnitude of 7° on the Richter scale. The earthquake has caused the death, ruin and despair of the inhabitants of this part of the country;

2. That this fact is far worse for the villages in the centre of the country, whose road infrastructure has been seriously damaged, preventing help from being given appropriately. Dozens of villages are isolated, families have lost their houses and homes, their crops have been ruined;

3. That the teachers in the South of Peru have lost their houses, and their schools have been seriously affected;

The Third World Congress of Education International wishes to:

4. Express its solidarity with the Peruvian people and with the teachers in particular;

5. Request that all the teachers in the world join the world campaign to support the people and in particular the teachers in Peru;

6. Seek the immediate attention of the Peruvian Government as well as the rehabilitation of the villages affected by the earthquake.