EI statement on equitable quality education

written by: Rebecca Tarlau published 2013-12-19 updated 2013-12-19

At the Rio+20 Conference in 2012, governments agreed to launch a UN-led process to create a set of universal Sustainable Development Goals. The so-called Open Working Group (OWG) was established in January 2013 and consists of 70 Member States. They are expected to propose goals across all three dimensions of sustainable development (social, environmental, and economic). The OWG will present its final proposal to the UN General Assembly 2014.

The OWG is currently the main process and platform for formulating a post-2015 agenda and EI has actively contributed to their work. In June 2013, the OWG held a session that was devoted to education, where EI gave a presentation on the role of education for sustainable development.

Download the EI statement on equitable quality education