The responsibility of the French-speaking public authorities in guaranteeing quality public education for all is reaffirmed

published 27 March 2018 updated 27 March 2018

During Global Francophonie Week, the Comité syndical francophone de l'éducation et de la formation recalled the need for democracy around the world, which necessarily requires “free quality public education funded mainly by States”.

In its press release of 20 March on the occasion of Global Francophonie Week, whose theme this year was “the French language, our common good for action” (“La langue française, notre trait d’union pour agir”), the Comité syndical francophone de l’éducation et de la formation (French-speaking Union Committee for Education and Training-CSFEF) is pleased to note that event, which is promoting the French language and its role in the development of knowledge to create informed citizens that is taking place around the world. The CSFEF brings together education unions from French-speaking countries, mainly from Africa, the  Americas and Europe.

A united francophonie

“For the CSFEF, this common good requires free quality public education funded primarily by the States, organised by the States on behalf of the citizens. The States and local authorities must maintain the full sovereignty of public education on school organisation, teaching programmes, recruitment and training for teachers and all education personnel, and school buildings,” explained CSFEF President Jean-Hervé Cohen and CSFEF General Secretary Luc Allaire.

According to them, the common good also involves “a requirement of democracy that respects and takes into consideration the desires of citizens”. They deplored the fact that trade union rights are too often disregarded and are the subject of daily struggles in many French-speaking countries, as education personnel are not treated with dignity despite working towards improving the future of their countries’ youth.

The CSFEF will continue its action aimed at promoting the French language as a means of strengthening solidarity between all people working in the education networks of French-speaking countries, with the support of their unions. CSFEF will be holding its biennial Conference from 24-29 September in Paris, France.