Climate change: A hands-on guide for educators

published 23 July 2019 updated 25 July 2019

Climate change is high on the agenda of EI’s 8th World Congress. Now educators have the chance to gear up the fight against the climate crisis from their classroom thanks to a new informative guide.

While millions of young people from across the world are taking to the streets in defence of the planet, teachers are standing with their students and supporting the fight against climate change. During the 8th EI World Congress, delegates representing over 32 million educators from over 150 countries adopted a resolution that highlights the role of education in resolving the climate crisis and defines climate change as one of the priorities of Education International for the next four years.

Educators are determined to make their classrooms free of climate change denial, to provide their students with the facts so that they understand and are able to navigate a far-reaching crisis that will inevitably affect their lives. The first step in this direction was taken today, with the publication of a new Education International guide to help teachers equip themselves with the information and tools they need in the classroom and beyond. The publication offers factual information on the climate crisis and suggests possibilities of action, notably in advocacy on the international and national level. It is a practical tool that will help any educator level up their knowledge on this pressing issue and take the lead in their school and communities.

Here you can donwload the guide in English, Spanish and French.