Raise your hand for better policies: How global partnerships can help transform policy dialogue

published 15 July 2021 updated 22 July 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed new policy challenges to public education systems and exacerbated long-standing ones. How can the Global Partnership for Education contribute to solving these complex policy puzzles? Join the conversation.

Working together for an effective and equitable recovery

Ensuring education emerges stronger from this crisis is a task that can only be achieved collectively. It requires effective collaboration among governments, educators, civil society and the health sector. This event will explore how global partnerships such as the Global Partnership for Education can help transform policy dialogue, improve teaching and learning conditions, and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Moderated by Haldis Holst, Deputy General Secretary of Education International, the event will feature a dialogue between:

  • Gifty Apanbil | Ghana National Association of Teachers | Former Board Member of the Global Partnership for Education
  • Guy Rider | International Labour Organization | Director General
  • Nesmy Manigat | Former Minister of National Education and Professional Training, Haiti | Chair of the Finance and Risk Committee of the Global Partnership for Education
  • Luis Benveniste | World Bank | Human Development Regional Director, Latin America and the Caribbean

Watch it here:

Hosted by Education International, the event is organised in the framework of the Global Education Summit: Financing the Global Partnership for Education 2021-2025.