KTU President Abdalwahed M. Haje
KTU President Abdalwahed M. Haje

Iraq: Reforms needed for quality education

published 15 December 2021 updated 17 December 2021

Reforms in education must be carried out efficiently and the government must prioritise improvements in education at all levels. That’s according to the Kurdistan Teachers’ Union (KTU) which believes that positive changes in society originate in the education system.

“Unfortunately, in Kurdistan, the education process has never been seriously and adequately considered, given the importance it deserves, nor been treated as a priority by the government,” said KTU President Abdalwahed Muhammad Haje.

Reforms that were implemented to update and reinforce the education system had been abandoned. The reforms, which had emerged from a landmark conference in May 2007, were made too hastily, according to the union.

“The educational process and teaching are not things which may emerge suddenly as a natural phenomenon,” emphasised Haje. “Simple measures and instruments will lead us nowhere in terms of improving education quality, as has been the case these last ten years.”

Union’s recommendations to underpin education system

The KTU has made the following recommendations:

  1. The government must provide the best facilities possible to improve education.
  2. Teachers must always be familiar with the newest methods of teaching and psychology so that they can deliver on their educational tasks.
  3. Changes must be made in the curricula to adapt the educational system, especially to changes in science.
  4. Using the newest techniques and technology is a crucial factor to strengthen the reasoning of individuals. As Haje stressed, “the education process doesn’t mean filling minds, it means training an individual how to express himself or herself or how to become a responsible citizen”.
  5. A high-level education development centre should be fully empowered and financially assisted. It should be led by the Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, the relevant ministers, a group of experts, and teacher unions should be also members of the centre’s board.
  6. The philosophy of education and higher education should be developed. “In this regard, we should take advantage of experience acquired in developed countries and pursue it,” Haje explained.

Government must prioritise education

“All developed countries always depend on advanced education,” he added. “Education must be at the top of the government’s work programme and always reformed.”

He also reiterated that the Vice-President of Kurdistan’s Council of Ministers recently noted that education needs reforms. “Yes, education needs reforms, and more,” Haje concluded.