An educator's guide to the World Development Report 2018

published 1 June 2018 updated 30 August 2022

The World Bank, as well as being one of the biggest funders of education programmes, is a hugely influential provider of technical advice to education ministries around the world.

The Bank’s policy advice and influence through conditional loans have an effect at a global and national level but also at a classroom level. Therefore the Bank’s education policy influences your working conditions and classroom reality. It affects you, as an educator.

The World Development Report 2018 is the Bank’s nearly 300 page analysis and recommendations of how to solve the so-called ‘learning crisis’ in education. It is relevant to take note of as the report’s advice acts as an overview of the Bank’s policy position and also of the dominant policy discourse in the global education space.

This guide supports educators and their unions to unpack the meaning and implications of the WDR and provides guidance on how to respond to the report in order to further the campaign for, equitable, free, public quality education for all.