100th Birthday of Paulo Freire
100th Birthday of Paulo Freire

Latin America and the world to celebrate Paulo Freire's legacy

published 15 September 2022 updated 16 September 2022

This commemoration will take place at the closing of the events to mark Freire's centenary in Recife, Brazil.

Activities include the VI Meeting of the Latin American Pedagogical Movement and the Meeting of the Education International Latin America (EILA) Network of Education Workers.

Education International Latin America (EILA) and the Confederación Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación de Brasil (CNTE), together with the Latin American Network of Studies on Teachers' Work (Red ESTRADO), the Federal University of Pernanbuco (UFPE) and other organisations that uphold the legacy of Paulo Freire, are the organizers of the events to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Latin American educator Paulo Freire.

Recife, the city where Freire was born on 19 September 1921 and capital of the state of Pernambuco, will welcome international guests and representatives of EILA member organisations, who, together with participants from all corners of Brazil, will celebrate the closing of the events marking the centenary of Paulo Freire's birth.

The commemoration of Paulo Freire's centenary began on 19 September 2021, the 100th anniversary of his birth. The health measures imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic affected the holding of activities. They took place virtually and were broadcast live around the world. The political, cultural and pedagogical event took place on 19 September 2021 and the People’s World Education Plenary on 20 September.

In 2022, at the close of the commemoration of Paulo Freire's centenary, face-to-face activities will be held from 17 to 20 September in Recife.

Women education workers’ network

The EILA Women Education Workers' Network will resume its regional face-to-face meetings on 17 September, as part of the Freire centenary activities. At this meeting, women leaders from the region will discuss the EILA Campaign for the Ratification of International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention 190 and will present research on the situation of teachers in the context of the pandemic, carried out by the Feminist Centre for Information and Action (CEFEMINA). They will also reflect on the process of building Equality Policies in trade union organisations.

The Meeting will include a performance of the song 'Y Somos Todas' 'And We Are All [United]', the centrepiece of the Campaign for the Ratification of ILO C190. The performer Maf É Tulà will share the stage with the Brazilian percussion group Bruta Flor, who, in addition to playing 'And We Are All', will perform part of their repertoire.

The meeting’s activities will continue on 18 September, with presentations on the current situation in each country and reflections on the Network’s main areas of work in the near future.

Political and Cultural Event

Praia do Pina, on the coast of Recife, will be the venue for the Political and Cultural Event to commemorate Paulo Freire's centenary, to be held on 18 September in the afternoon. The activity will begin with the performance of 'Y Somos Todas' by Maf É Tulà and Bruta Flor, and will include shows by Lia de Itamaracá, Silvério Pessoa and Chico César.

Cultural performances will alternate with messages from the Organising Committee, local, national and international organisations.

The People’s World Education Plenary

The celebration of Freire's centenary will continue with the People’s World Education Plenary, which will be held at the Concha Acústica of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE) on 19 September, the date of his birth.

This venue will be the background for reflections on Freire's influence and legacy in world education. Nita Freire, Eliete Santiago and Sergio Haddad will reflect on the importance of Paulo Freire's ideas and thinking for Brazilian education.

The People’s World Education Plenary will conclude with a walk to the sculpture of Paulo Freire on the UFPE campus.

VI Meeting of the Latin American Pedagogical Movement

EILA member organisations will once again meet in person at the Meeting of the Latin American Pedagogical Movement (MPL), which will begin on the afternoon of 19 September in Recife.

The VI Meeting of the Latin American Pedagogical Movement, like the other activities celebrating the Centenary of Paulo Freire, is the culmination of the commemoration that began a year ago, in September 2021. On that date, activities were carried out virtually, with the hope of holding face-to-face events in 2022.

The opening day of the VI Meeting of the MPL will include the Keynote Lecture 'A political reading of the reality of Latin America and outlook', by journalist Breno Altman.

On 20 September, Dr. Dalila Andrade and Mr. José Manuel Valverde will present research carried out in the context of the pandemic. Maritza Rojas from the Latin American Social Sciences Faculty – Costa Rica (FLACSO) will share with participants the conclusions of an evaluation of the work of the Latin American Pedagogical Movement.

The MPL meeting will include an opportunity for dialogue in working groups and a plenary session to present the key points. The activity will conclude with the presentation of the Declaration of the VI Meeting of the Latin American Pedagogical Movement.

These activities are carried out with the solidarity support of sister organisations affiliated to Education International, Lärärforbundet in Sweden and UEN in Norway, as well as the important contribution of CNTE in Brazil.