UK: Educators deserve a pay rise now!

published 31 January 2023 updated 16 February 2023

Education International and member organisations fully support the National Education Union (NEU), organising a one-day strike in England and Wales on February 1st to demand a fully funded, above inflation pay rise for educators.

The education union has planned a total of seven strike dates in the framework of the “Pay Up! Save our schools” action.

Huge union members’ involvement

NEU members – representing teacher, support staff and leader members in 23,400 schools throughout England and Wales – voted in overwhelming numbers to take strike action for a fully funded, above-inflation pay rise.

Of teachers in England, 90.44 per cent of members taking part in the ballot voted YES to taking industrial action on a turnout of 53.27 per cent.

Teachers in Wales voted by 92 per cent for strike action on a turnout of 58.07 per cent. Support staff in Wales voted 88 per cent for strike action on a turnout of 51.30 per cent.

The union also announced that 32,000 new members have joined its ranks since it announced the strike action.

NEU Joint General Secretary Kevin Courtney highlighted: “Our ballot of teacher, support staff and leader members in 23,400 schools throughout England and Wales is the largest vote for strike action achieved by any union ever in the UK. It sends a resounding message to the Government: we won’t stand by and watch the destruction of education without taking a stand. This was a really hard decision for our members to take. They do not want to be on strike. They want to be in the classroom, doing what they do best – teaching and supporting our children and young people. But it’s a last resort.”

NEU further launched a petition for activists and concerned citizens to support the national day of strike action: http://Payupsos.com.

You will find more information about the NEU labour action here.

Link to Go Public! campaign

This industrial action led by UK education unionists is aligned with the newly launched Education International Go public! Fund Education campaign. This campaign aims to support member organisations in their fight against budget cuts, austerity, and privatisation, and as they mobilise for fully funded, inclusive, quality public education for all.

Members of NASUWT -The Teachers’ Union are also demanding a Better Deal for Teachers because of the failure of governments and employers to give teachers an improved, fully funded pay award. They are also highlighting the multiple attacks they face on their pay, their workload and their wellbeing, as well as the damage that falling real pay risks to children’s and young people’s education.