Activating the Recommendations of the UN High-Level Panel on the Teaching Profession

A Guide for Education Unions

published 3 April 2024 updated 14 May 2024

The High-Level Panel on the Teaching Profession was convened by the United Nations Secretary-General in response to the global teacher shortage. The Panel brought together academics, ministers, former presidents, teachers and students and their unions.

Education International was the voice of the profession on the Panel, and an active participant in the process. Tasked with providing policy advice for governments to ensure that every child’s right to a professionally-trained, qualified, and well-supported teacher is fulfilled, the Panel identified 59 recommendations.

This toolkit aims to:

  • Help EI affiliates understand the Panel’s recommendations.
  • Provide a framework for EI affiliates to use the recommendations in their advocacy on key union issues.
  • Support EI affiliates as they advocate for the implementation of the recommendations in their national and local contexts as part of the Go Public! Fund Education campaign.