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Amplifying young voices within trade unions in the COVID-19 new normal

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Major challenges on the agenda of young workers, which were exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, include high rates of youth unemployment, precarious and insecure work, deteriorating working conditions of young workers in old and new forms of work and discrimination and inequalities at work.

In June 2020, the Global Unions (ITUC, PSI, UNI, IUF, IndustriALL, ITF, BWI and EI) discussed joining forces to ensure that young workers’ voices are heard within trade unions throughout and beyond current crises: that young workers’ needs, and aspirations are embedded in social dialogue processes and collective bargaining at all levels and that young workers can help shape a ‘new normal’ grounded in economic, social, racial, gender and climate justice.

Two webinar sessions on ‘Amplifying Young Voices’ were organised by the Global Unions in July 2020 and two online (pilot) training sessions will be held in November 2020. The Global Unions agreed on a 3-year (2021-23) joint project with FES funding.


The project objectives are to:

  • Develop leadership among young union activists;
  • Enhance young workers’ understanding of, and capacity to, analyse complex global issues affecting (young) workers in the world of work and their ability to include such issues in their union work;
  • Increase young workers’ active participation and representation in unions;
  • Strengthen international solidarity amongst young workers within and across sectors.


A working group of young union leaders from the Global Unions would participate in a series of online meetings to discuss and agree on the key issues affecting young workers across sectors and in all of their intersecting diversity, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications for new and existing forms of work. The outcome of these meetings would be recommendations made by the working group actions to be taken by the Global Unions and the development of a Global Unions Young Workers Academy.

The following activities are envisaged during the 3-year cycle: even meetings of the working group. Three (virtual) meetings in 2021; one virtual meeting and one physical meeting in 2022; and one virtual and one physical meeting in 2023.Three annual meeting reports to present the conclusions of the working group discussions and deliberation in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Young workers’ global academy: curriculum and digital materials & global education modules.


The working group on young workers and new forms of work will provide a platform for young representatives to discuss key issues pertaining to new forms of work in a context of multiple crises.

The young workers’ recommendations will pave the way to influence the policies of the Global Unions and their affiliates. This will strengthen the young workers in the working group and international solidarity amongst young workers across ectors and regions.

The young workers’ global academy will equip young trade unionists with knowledge on four pillars: youth employment; discrimination and inequality; organising and campaigning; and global justice issues. The Academy will provide participants with a range of perspectives from which to approach and tackle challenges. Young trade unionists’ capacity to analyse the realities behind global developments and to be activists, leaders and/or organisers will be enhanced.

2021 – 2023
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