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Professional Development Facilitator (PDF) Training for New PDFs

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Sierra Leona


The SLTU must train new Professional Development Facilitators (PDFs) for all regions, to replace those who have left the programme for various reasons, thereby addressing the current shortage of trained PDFs, which are vital to the summer in-service programme. Currently, the SLTU must “borrow” PDFs from neighbouring regions, which increases the cost of programming as well as the burden on those PDFs who remain. The full team of 80 PDFs (20 per region) are vital to the CTF/FCE - SLTU partnership, which provides training for teachers on a rotational basis throughout the four regions of the country each summer during the month of July (the summer in-service programme).


  • To ensure each region has full capacity to implement the summer in-service (the regional training), as well as to provide the follow-up programming (in-school visits) required, which takes place subsequent to the in-service program.
  • To address to change in focus with respect to the Literacy and Numeracy workshops (i.e., moving to teaching and learning strategies, and strategies for assessment and evaluation).


  • The new PDFs will receive a 5-day training session, to be delivered by the current SLTU co-facilitators who are engaged in the summer in-service programme.
  • In addition, all newly trained PDFs will have the chance to observe and put into practice what they will have learned at an upcoming in-service programme, with half (20) of the newly trained PDFs attending the first phase of the in-service, and the other half attending the second phase.


  • The new cadre of PDFs will receive a full training on both the content of the summer in-service programme, as well as the logistics.
  • Increased capacity of the new PDFs to deliver more effective training to the participants involved in each summer programme.
  • Having a full complement of PDFs will help to strengthen / rejuvenate the quality of the programming provided, and will decrease the stress / strain placed on the existing PDFs.
  • The newly trained PDFs will become more professional in their work, taking into consideration the new gender training being provided by the SLTU.
  • With the provision of new teaching techniques, the full cadre of PDFs will provide better opportunities for improved teaching and learning for students, which will in turn enhance the FQE (Free Quality Education) Programme of the government of Sierra Leone.
  • Greater awareness of the public about the role of the Union as a fully professional organisation.
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