Organisational Development

Publié 14 mars 2005 Mis à jour 14 mars 2005
Cooperating organizations
Start date
15 mars 2005
End date
15 mars 2023
Communication;Education Support Personnel;Gender;Health and Safety in Schools;Human and Trade Union Rights;Organizing, recruiting;Quality Teaching;School Leadership;Social dialogue;Status of Teachers;Young Members and Early-stage Teachers;

Support to PSEUM Strategic Plan in retention and recruitment of members in private schools, collection of dues, improved working conditions for private educators, training of TU rights and gender, improved Communication, cooperation with the employers organisation ISAMA for improved social dialogue, cooperation with TUM.


By 2025, PSEUM is democratic, self-reliant, self-sustaining, independent, gender sensitive, visible and has 80% membership of the workers in private schools/ institutions and that it is recognized by government and has managed to improve conditions of service for its members, is transparent and accountable. PSEUM employs many people and assumes a major/ leading role in assisting sister unions nationally and internationally.


Annual work plan, major activities are school-visits, training for representatives at all levels, membership service, legal assistance, , improved communication, media, socialmedia, meetings with relevant stakeholders, setting up new district structures, development of ID-cards, strengthening financial management


A clear mapping of PSEUM's membership and potential membership, records of dues payment, improved contact with members, activity on social media, improved contact with the employers organisation ISAMA, gender policy, representation in NEC 50/50, represented in MCTU.

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