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Social dialogue and quality education in Zanzibar

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The project cooperation began in 2003. The current phase of the project began in January 2022 and will run until 2025. The annual project budget of 16,000 € (120,000 DKK) is primarily financed by Danida through the LO/FTF Council.


The goal of the project is further development of a democratic and efficient trade union that strengthens the members professionally as well as socially. ZATU also works on being a recognised social partner vis-à-vis the Zanzibar authorities.


The cooperation aims at capacity building to ensure the quality service to the members. The project shall also strengthen the school representative system and contribute to a better social dialogue. Parallel to this programme has been supporting to less qualified teachers through a professional training programme.

The Tanzania Teachers Union (TTU) has assisted ZATU in training its local leaders in accordance with the principle of south-south cooperation, where the most developed countries and organisations help and assist the less developed ones. ZATU has held a series of conferences with participation from central and local authorities. Pedagogical development, labour market/public sector legislation and the relationship between teachers and government have been the main issues discussed. The conferences have contributed to the authorities having a better understanding and appreciation of the role of ZATU as a positive ally in further developing the educational sector in Zanzibar.



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