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Promoting social dialogue to eradicate child labour and strengthen quality education provisions in Togo

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Following the successful implementation of a project against child labour in Kazaboua (Central region) in 2019-2020, FESEN is developing a child labour free zone in the Tchébébé, Adjengré and Aouda communes (also in Central region).


Development of a child labour free zone in the Tchébébé, Adjengré and Aouda communes (Central region).


  • Training of teachers and directors on child labour and their role in the struggle against child labour
  • Setting up of 7 anti-child labour school clubs animated by 7 focal point teachers
  • Training and setting up of village committees against child labour + general assemblies of those committees
  • Creation of 7 associations of Women Partners of the School
  • Lobbying local authorities and the government for school canteens
  • Training teachers to make liquid soap and hydroalcoholic gel
  • Remedial courses for ex-working children brought back to school
  • 2 radio and TV broadcast per year (with FESEN union leaders)
  • Camp for members of the clubs (games, test of knowledge about child labour)
  • Decoration of classrooms


As of June 2022, after one year of project implementation:

61 children (43 boys, 18 girls) were removed from work and reintegrated into the 11 schools in 2021-2022 (4 schools in Kazaboua + 7 schools in the zone that started to be developed since 2021), on top of the 43 children (31 boys, 12 girls) removed from work in 2020-2021 (4 schools in Kazaboua).

Support of the community

55 members of the 11 village committees against child labour are very active in the sensitization of the communities on the risks associated to child labour and the follow-up of the ex-child works brought back to schools.


Communal authorities have committed to mobilising financial resources in 2023 to create school canteens in the schools of the selected zone and community leaders have committed to contributing to the school canteens, particularly with food products.

Improved school environment

11 schools have been decorated to make them more attractive for children

62 ex-working children have been supported

2021 – 2023
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