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Work: No Child's Business (Mali)

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The Alliance "Work; No Child's Business" (WNCB) joins forces with communities, schools, governments, civil society organizations, trade unions and private actors, bringing sustainable solutions for children and their families. The Alliance partners work in Sikasso (Yanfolila and Bougouni Districts) and Segou regions (Bla and San districts).


Bringing sustainable solutions for children and their families, to avoid child labour.


The alliance implements a wide range of complementary activities, but for SNEC the main focus is on:

  • Training of teachers in pedagogical methods and rights of children.
  • Setting up of anti-child labour clubs.
  • Setting up of spaces for social dialogue in the villages. They include representatives of the mayor, of the local education authorities, of theassociation of mothers of pupils, of the monitoring committee, of the young people, of teachers and of the school management committees.
  • Setting up of associations of mothers of pupils.
  • Lobby to better integrate child labour in the Ministry of Education and local authorities priorities.
2020 – 2024
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Mali UNICEF Mali
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Pays-Bas Education International
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