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Conference on homophobic and Transphobic School bullying in Europe

published 16 June 2014 updated 18 June 2014

On 10 and 11 June 2914, European stakeholders in the field of education and discrimination prevention convened in Athens to exchange good practices and identify barriers and challenges concerning the prevention of bullying in schools, in particular on grounds of homophobia and transphobia.

The event was organised jointly by the NGOs Smile of the Child and ILGA-Europe under auspices of the Greek Presidency.  The conference accompanied the launch of the European Anti-bullying Network, which strives for a common EU strategy on bullying.  In its work on anti-discrimination and the prevention of violence and harassment against teachers, ETUCE has in the past developed joint initiatives with other stakeholders such as ILGA-Europe on homophobic bullying in education as well as setting up concrete and practical guidelines for the prevention of cyber-harassment.

Find the joint ETUC-ETUCE-ILGA-Europe statement here: link

More information on the ETUCE work on the prevention of teachers’ cyber-harassment: link to the cyber-harassment project