Gender Sensitization and Training workshop for Union Leaders in Anglophone West Africa, WAWEN

published 16 July 2018 updated 16 July 2018
Cooperating organizations
Education International, Gambia Teachers Union
Gambia, including the education unions from Ghana, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria
Start date
16 July 2018
End date
20 July 2018

This training, with Education International and The Gambia Teachers' Union brought together the education unionists from Anglophone West Africa, the Education International WAWEN, to focus on School Related Gender Based Violence and Gender Equity. The Kenya National Union of Teachers gender leaders presented their developments and challenges in addressing SRGBV. While the majority of participants were from The Gambia Teachers Union, leaders from GNAT, NAGRAT, SLTU and NUT participated as well.


.1 To enhance participants’ knowledge on gender equality issues in unions; .2 To share experiences on gender equality work by unions in the sub region; .3 To discuss Gender Violence Based and its effects on quality Education. .4 To monitor the progress made by unions in gender equality issues .5 To review strategies to enhance women’s leadership and strengthen the WAWEN Network .6 To gain knowledge on effective communication skills .7 To enhance information flow and disseminate information gained from the EI World Women’s Conference in Marrakech.


Training as full group, including small group discussions and work sessions.


The success of this training is reflected in the further-developing SRGBV projects in The Gambia and Sierra Leone, as well as on-going request to Education International - Africa Region, as well as resource persons, for follow-up sessions.