Credits: Gulabuddin Amiri/AP/Isopix
Credits: Gulabuddin Amiri/AP/Isopix

Afghanistan: Education International concerned about the violence and threat to inclusive quality education

published 17 August 2021 updated 19 October 2021

In the wake of the increasing violence in Afghanistan, Education International has grave concerns about the safety of educators and about equal access to education for all, especially for girls.

Education International expresses its full support to its member organisation, the National Teachers Elected Council of Afghanistan (NTEC) and the Afghanistan Teacher Support Association (ATSA), and reiterates that schools are centers of learning, inspiration and growth and must never be targets of terrorism and violence.

EI calls for the implementation of the Education International’s Declaration on schools as safe sanctuaries voicing the collective demand by teachers and their unions worldwide that education should be protected in times of conflict, and schools should be respected as zones of peace where children, youth and adults can build healthy communities.

Education International also reaffirms the right of girls to go to school and take full advantage of education opportunities.

Governments around the world have the responsibility to do everything in their power to protect the right of girls to go to school and to thrive free of prejudice, harassment and violence. Protecting the rights of girls to go to school is a fundamental step to ensuring quality education for all.