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Higher Education: early stage researchers’ status to be solved

published 11 March 2014 updated 12 March 2014

On 6 -7 of March, 38 ETUCE members from 22 different countries, met in the framework of the Higher Education& Research Standing Committee (HERSC) meeting.

The main topics discussed were quality of higher education in the “Unite for Education” campaign, higher education in the European Semester’s Country Specific Recommendations 2014, the influence of the EU trade negotiations one education, national implementation strategies of ETUCE Resolution: Fighting the Crisis an Essential Contribution of Higher Education and Research.

All the members agree that it is necessary to pay special attention to the short-term demands of the labour market from the Higher Education, which  could be one of the, but not the only, tools to solve youth unemployment.

HERSC members adopted two policy papers: on the status of early stage researchers/PhD candidates and on quality assurance in higher education. Both policy papers will be adopted by ETUCE committee in April and ETUCE Special conference in November 2014.