TES: part-time teaching roles an answer to replenishing the profession

published 6 July 2016 updated 7 July 2016

A new survey released by the Times Education Supplement shows that 77 percent of English teachers who left the profession would consider returning to the classroom if part-time or shared positions were on the table.

Part-time is the new full-time. That’s according to a new data from the Times Education Supplement (TES) which shows that flexible working arrangements would lure former teachers back to the profession. In fact, the poll revealed that even the majority of current full-time teachers would prefer a part-time arrangement or a job sharing role.

According to the survey, nearly one in four teachers already works part-time. Up to 73 percent of teachers who participated indicated a desire for improved work-life balance, which was the main driver for wanting to work part-time. However, the demand for flexible opportunities is greater than schools’ ability to offer them.

The TES also referred to data that puts teaching behind other professions in supporting part-time working. As of 2014, statistics showed that 23 percent of teachers worked part-time. This did not include teaching assistants and school support staff, of which 85 percent and 56 percent currently work part-time.