Resolution on Vocational Education, Gender and Inclusiveness

published 25 July 2011 updated 25 March 2022

The 6th World Congress of Education International (EI) meeting in Cape Town, South Africa from 22-26 July 2011: Congress notes the excellent work of the VET Task Group. It calls for the Group to continue its work, and reviewing VET developments in the light of the recession. Congress would wish for the Task Group also to look in particular at VET developments for:

  • the increasing numbers of the unemployed in some countries;
  • the cuts to public expenditure and to VET programmes in some countries;
  • VET developments for women;
  • VET developments for black and ethnic minorities;
  • VET developments for young people and for adults;
  • the status, career opportunities and professional development of VET teachers.

Congress asks the Task Force to report to the world Executive with recommendations for monitoring and action at world, regional and national level.