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Education International demands Iranian academic’s immediate release

published 13 January 2017 updated 4 March 2022

Firmly standing behind Iranian academic Ahmadreza Djalali, Education International reiterates the need for affiliates to join in the call for his immediate release from jail.

Education International (EI), as well as its Belgian affiliate, ACV-CSC, is taking action on behalf of Vrije Universiteit Brussel(VUB) academic Ahmadreza Djalali, who has been sentenced to death in Iran and faces imminent execution there.

The 45-year-old medical doctor, lecturer, and researcher in disaster medicine and resident of Sweden has been imprisoned in Evin prison in Iran since 25 April 2016. Djalali was sentenced to death at the end of October.

Teaching in universities in Belgium, Italy, and Sweden, he was on a business trip to Iran, having been invited to attend workshops about disaster medicine at universities in Tehran and Shiraz, when he was arrested without a warrant by Ministry of Intelligence officials.

Take urgent action

On 14 December, Amnesty International and the VUB will mobilise their communities for a protest action at the Iranian embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

For those wishing to take action, VUB also relaunched their petition lately, with a second petition also launched by Amnesty Belgium-Flemish section.

The VUB calls on politicians, diplomats, scientists and other citizens to take a strong stand against this Djalali’s situation and to protest on Thursday.

An EI news item on Djalali’s case from March is available here