Early Childhood Education

published 2 February 2015 updated 2 February 2015

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Cooperating organizations
Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Nigeria
Start date
2 February 2015
End date
26 April 2021
Early Childhood Education;Human and Trade Union Rights;Organizing, recruiting;Research and Policy Development;Social dialogue;Status of Teachers;

1. Unionisation of ECE personnel; 2. Enhancement of professional capacities of ECE personnel; and 3. Development of union policies on ECE and decent work for personel.


1. Raising the status of ECE teachers; and 2. advocating for provision of quality public ECE




(i) ECE teachers in Kenya are now employed by the Teacher Council instead of the local County Governments as done recently; (ii) Professional capacity of teachers in Learning through play improved in 4 countries; (iii) Right of ECE teachers in Kenya to be members of KNUT achieved; (iv) Dialogue between teacher union and Central and local governments over ECE opened.