JTA Vice-President Dr. Nasser Al-Nawasra after the court hearing. Credit: primetimezone.com
JTA Vice-President Dr. Nasser Al-Nawasra after the court hearing. Credit: primetimezone.com

Jordan: Court declares education union leader innocent of spreading false news

published 20 August 2021 updated 13 October 2023

Education International welcomes the acquittal of Jordanian Teachers’ Association (JTA) Vice-President Dr. Nasser Al-Nawasra. The appeal court in Amman ruled that he was innocent of the misdemeanor of broadcasting false and exaggerated news undermining the prestige of the State.

On 11 July, the court also declared in the “videos case" that Al-Nawasra is not guilty of misuse of power and threatening to inflict harm.

Jordanian public prosecution had filed a complaint against the JTA leader following the publication of videos of him talking about matters related to the teachers’ union.

Government/union dialogue must be reestablished

Education International considers that this is a sign that Jordan’s public authorities are looking for appeasement and trying to resume dialogue with the union. It urges them to ensure JTA can quickly and adequately resume its work.

Ongoing harassment of teacher unionists

Earlier this year, Education International called on workers and unionists to urge the Jordanian authorities to immediately stop harassing the JTA leaders and threatening the union’s very existence. At least 18 JTA teacher unionists were arrested in Irbid, Jordan in February.

Education International appealed to member organisations and concerned citizens around the globe to sign the LabourStart petition requesting that teachers and education workers in Jordan be able to fully exercise their fundamental rights.

In October 2020, Education International condemned the banning of a JTA public press conference scheduled for 26 October. The ban was imposed by Jordan’s authorities, with security forces delivering an order from the Governor of Amman to prohibit the union’s press conference. The JTA press conference was called to discuss the situation of education in Jordan and the conditions being experienced by teachers.

Education International reiterates its full solidarity with the JTA and the educators of Jordan.