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Worlds of Education is a platform for teachers, unionists, activists, and academics to share their insights into the issues affecting the education workforce and community around the world. The aim is to encourage a global conversation, to reflect, mobilise, and take action for education everywhere.

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  1. Worlds of Education 16 August 2012

    Reading Mania

    Steve Klees

    Reading Mania
  2. Worlds of Education 16 July 2012

    Back to the dark days

    María Luisa Sánchez Simón

    Back to the dark days
  3. Worlds of Education 3 July 2012

    Short Termism vs. sustainable development

    Jim Baker

    Sustainable development is a sensible framework for looking at the system. It represents a fundamental shift in analysis from the “Washington Consensus”. The idea of examining economic, social, and environmental issues together as three, interdependent pillars of development was a sharp break with the idea that the market was king...

    Short Termism vs. sustainable development