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Work No Child's Business (India)

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AIPTF is implementing activities against child labour in selected areas in 3 States/regions (Bihar, Rajasthan, Delhi Capital Region), through local State affiliates, in partnership with the following alliance partners: Save the Children India; MVFoundation; ICCO India; ARISA; Manjari ARAVALI; Fakirana Sisters; Nav Jagritti.



  • Capacity building/training of local teachers / union leaders /school management committees members (the target group acquire knowledge and skills to address issue of child labour).
  • Sensitization of communities/parents/teachers on the relevance of education/risks associated to child labour.
  • Capacity building of women teachers and mothers.
  • Identification of children who are out of school in the selected areas + follow up with their families/communities to get them integrated into schools.
  • Preparation of bridge course modules.
  • Advocacy campaign for changes in the curricula for teachers training institutes (to include more relevant content related to children rights/child labour).
2019 – 2024
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