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Strengthening the capacity of the SNAT to defend trade union rights in Eswatini

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The Kingdom of Eswatini is the last absolute monarchy in the world, where political dissent and trade union activity have been very difficult for decades. Despite the challenging operating environment, teachers are one of the most active professional groups in Eswatini trade union movement.

The project seeks to strengthen the capacity of SNAT and to influence Eswatini's legislation and campaigns for trade union rights. In addition, the project will increase teachers' knowledge of their rights and improve SNAT actives' negotiation skills to achieve new collective agreements.

The project will benefit teachers of Eswatini and their union SNAT.


  • Enhance SNAT's capacity to contribute to social justice and trade union rights;
  • Increase union's ability to influence Government policy;
  • SNAT will reach full function as a union and ability to represent its members;
  • SNAT engages in numerous organizational activities which will make the union very relevant to the teachers ans wider society.


  • Membership recruitment events,
  • capacity building workshops,
  • petition delivery activities,
  • symposia, lectures and public debates.
2020 – 2021
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