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Promoting educators' rights in Asia

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The shrinking space of democracy and disrespect for human rights in many Asian countries reduces also the possibilities of constructive dialogue and societal progress. The shift in decision-making from human rights based towards more market driven policy making influences the basic rights of citizens. The shrinking liberty of action of the trade unions increases precarization of working life and hinders the achievement of sustainable development goals.

Beneficiaries of the project are private and public sector teachers, education sector support staff and members of the education trade unions of Nepal and the Philippines.

The project partner is the Asia and Pacific regional Office of the education sector international trade union (Education International) and the implementers are the Nepalese and Philippine affiliate unions of EI.


The objective of the project is to speed up the achievement of Agenda 2030 by promoting decent work, negotiation culture and implementation of labour and human rights in the education sector.


Improving the capacity of trade unions and intensifying advocacy work in national and regional decision-making bodies. With the help of a training program and systematic follow-up of human rights violations there will be tools to influence education policy solutions in Nepal and the Philippines, one tool being the biannually published Teachers’ Rights Index that the regional organization produces and updates.

2022 – 2025
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