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Promoting educators' rights in Africa

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Absolute monarchy of Eswatini does not allow civic action, violent disruption of demonstrations and strikes is familiar for activists. Many are scared to organize, although there is plenty of space for improvement in working conditions. In Mozambique challenges are different, but not necessarily any minor. Union registration is complicated, and without authorities’ recognition the union is not legitimate to represent workers for example in negotiations. Union membership does not motivate especially youth, but recently ONP has initiated systematic activism building, at the same time aiming at formalization of its official status. Both in Eswatini and Mozambique education sector workers have low salaries, big groups of students and difficult living conditions especially in small schools in remote areas.

The project benefits the teachers’ unions of Eswatini and Mozambique SNAT and ONP and teachers of those countries.


The aim of the project is to strengthen education unions of Eswatini and Mozambique, with support of stronger South African unions and international networks. Through the project working and living conditions and organizing of teachers improve.

As a result of the project education unions of Eswatini and Mozambique have capacity for systematic interest representation that improves working and living conditions of education employees.


SADTU and NAPTOSA that participate the project are the strongest unions of their country with long history in interest representation and advocacy work. They are able and willing to lend their helping hand to the weaker unions of their neighboring countries by offering training, campaigns and support for advocacy strategy development.

2022 – 2025
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