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Trade union engagement in prevention and elimination of school dropout and child labour in Albania

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Extension to 12 schools in 4 regions (Shkodra, Elbasan, Kamza and Lezha) of the 2019-2020 project against child labour.


  • Create a profile of the children who are in risk to dropout/ have dropped out in the selected schools.
  • Create a network of teachers and other actors engaged in the project.
  • Raise awareness on the role and responsibility of the school stakeholders in ensuring that no child is left behind.
  • Build a follow up and monitoring mechanism that teachers/ schools can implement even after the ending of the project.
  • Give visibility to the teachers' unions.


  • Creation in each school of working groups (1 headmaster, 1 union rep, 3 or 4 teachers). They are doing the concrete work with the pupils in risk of drop out, have individual meetings with each pupil at risk to drop out, do home visits to talk with parents, listen to their problems and try to find ways to cooperate with them to bring their kids to school. A special attention is given to children of the Roma community, who are most at rosk of dropping out.
  • Visibility campaign with the support of a free-lance journalist (social media campaign, newsletter, video clips).
  • Celebration of the International Romani Day.
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