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Professional Development Facilitator (PDF) In-School Follow-Up Visits

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Sierra Leona


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SLTU fell behind in its regular schedule of visits to the regions in order to follow up with all participants who have attended the SLTU’s summer in-service programmes (delivered with financial and technical support from the CTF/FCE).

This activity provides an opportunity for all those involved to learn how much of what was taught during the in-service programmes is being implemented in the classroom, as this will provide feedback for improved future in-service programmes, and more importanty, for the ongoing professional learning of the participants.

By observing teachers implementing the skills and strategies learned (to understand more fully their challenges), and by assessing their level of understanding as they implement the new methods, approaches and strategies, the activity allows the PDFs to further encourage teachers who have been trained in and are using the methods, approaches and strategies learned during the in-service programme.


  • To identify what is working and what is not working regarding the skills and knowledge learned by participants at the July in-service training programme.
  • To provide additional support as required to those teachers trained at the in-service.
  • To assist teachers to become more effective at successfully implementing the strategies learned during the in-service programme.
  • To gain valuable feedback for modifications required for subsequent in-service programmes.


PDFs (Professional Development Facilitators) work in pairs, visiting the classrooms of those teachers who attended a previous July in-service programme. They observe, assist, provide feedback, and support as required to the teachers mentioned above. They also collect data and observations in order to inform future July in-service training sessions.


  • The capacity of the membership within the SLTU will be strengthened through the continued implementation of the in-service programme at all levels: SLTU, the regional offices, PDFs and co-facilitators, and classroom teachers.
  • There will be increased capacity among the trained participants to deliver more effective lessons in their classrooms.
  • The SLTU will gain valuable feedback regarding changes required for the improvement of future in-service training programmes.
  • Through the follow-up visits, teachers will be better equipped for greater productivity, thereby qualifying for promotions and salary increases.
  • The follow-up visits will provide additional opportunities for improved teaching and learning for students, which will in turn enhance the FQE (Free Quality Education) Programme of the government of Sierra Leone.
  • There will be greater public awareness about the role of the Union in providing quality education.
2023 – 2024
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