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Jornadas de formação sindical - Trade union training days

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Sao Tomé et Principe


The Jornadas de Formação Sindical is a hybrid training programme, combining online and presential training for a total of nearly a 100 hours, focusing on equipping young techers and new entrants to the profession to become workplace representaives and union leaders.


Thes programme seeks to equip participants with basic union militant skills, promote a critical reflection on issues affection the professional lives of teachers the country and elaborate trade union-led policy proposals focusing on issues such as:

  • Revision of curriculum and textbooks,
  • Review of teacher status and career progression schemes,
  • Class size and teacher/pupil ratio,
  • School infrastructure.


Online, synchronous and asynchronous training and presential workshops.


A pool of trained young teachers equipped to play a leading role in their school communities and the trade union.

2022 – 2023
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Sao Tomé et Principe
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Portugal Education International
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