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Brazil: education, democracy and resistance

published 12 January 2017 updated 17 January 2017

More than 2,500 teacher leaders gather in Brasilia, Brazil, this week for the Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE)’s congress, debating topics inspired by famous educator and philosopher Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy.

Educators from all over Latin America’s biggest country are celebrating their quadrennial parliament to decide on the future strategy of the organisation. For the President of CNTE, Roberto Leão, the Congress will be a very enriching moment: "This exchange of experiences among professionals from all over the world will give us more resources to continue together in the fight for a free, secular, quality public education."

'Paulo Freire: Public Education, Democracy and Resistance' is the theme of the Congress that aims to discuss and evaluate the direction, progress and setbacks of the legislation around education and educators’ working conditions, and to elect the new leadership of the Confederation for the period 2017-2020.

The main topics to be treated by Congress will be the international and national political situation, educational and trade union policies, the political situation and policy direction of Brazil, and what a possible action plan for teachers could look like for the next years.

International Seminar

During the first day an international seminar will assemble invited delegates from several countries alongside representatives of Brazilian social movements.

The invited organizations will present papers related to the educational challenges in their countries as well as projects that their respective trade union movements are involved with, in the Latin American region and internationally. CNTE will later publish the texts of the presentations and those produced during the event.