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    “COVID-19 and Education in South Korea”, by Hyunsu Hwang.

    Education International

    COVID-19 is a world-wide fear and a tremendous threat in every area of our lives. It affects everyone in the world. The scenes being captured look very familiar to us in a sense. They look like scenes from movies, but sadly this is a real and unprecedented situation in human history. Every country is facing this challenge, thoug...

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    “We need new ideas to ensure education responses to Covid-19 don’t harm those marginalized”, by Manos Antoninis.

    Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran / UNAMID / Flickr

    In the middle of the turmoil that the pandemic has caused, two perspectives are critical. First, the upheaval has thrown pre-existing inequalities into sharp relief. Second, the crisis is the backdrop to a crash course in moral philosophy: we are all faced with stark choices, as solutions that help some, can cause grave damage t...

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