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    “The forgotten voices of the Holocaust”, by Yossi Michal.

    Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin (photo: Richard Ricciardi/flickr)

    The International Remembrance Day of the Holocaust is commemorated on January 27th. It is a good opportunity to reflect on a unique aspect of Learning about that period. I'll start with a short story. My family has lived for many generations in Romania. A few years ago, before my grandmother died, she told us that in her homet...

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    “Learning for people, planet, prosperity and peace”, by Susan Hopgood.

    A teacher with her student (Photo: Anant Nath Sharma/Flickr)

    What is more exciting than helping a child discover the joy of learning and begin a life of exploration. What could be more important to the future than helping to understand and embrace the values that anchor decent, fair and democratic societies and that develop a resistance to hatred, bigotry, and intolerance?

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    #youngteachers “An enthusiastic young Czech teacher and trade unionist!”, by David Navrátil (ČMOS-PS, Czech Republic).

    Education International

    My name is David Navrátil and I´m a teacher of English, Geography and German language from a small town in the Czech republic. I decided to be a teacher when I was studying at high school. My favourite subjects were foreign languages, P.E. and Geography, and the only way to study all of them was to attend the faculty of pedagogy...

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