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    "The Onslaught of Privatisation on Uruguayan Education", by Pablo Martinis

    Education International

    Uruguay's recently instated centre-right government is seeking to expedite parliamentary consideration of a series of pro-market reforms. The public, democratising legacy of Uruguayan education is under threat. The following information describes proposed reforms and proposes an approach to addressing these developments.

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    ‘You can work from home if the situation at home allows’: Teaching in times of the pandemic, by Josiah Taru.

    World Bank / Henitsoa Rafalia

    The closure of schools has been commended as one of the most effective mitigatory measures to arrest the rapid spread of Covid-19 so far. Millions of learners and educators have been forced to continue learning through emergency remote instruction that involves online teaching. This presents novel challenges for educators in dev...

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    “Enhancing the status of female dominated occupations”, by Pauline Schnegg.

    Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge / Flickr.

    The Greek god Kairos represents an opportunity to be seized in the guise of a young man who is naked, but sports a tuft of hair on his head. When he comes within our reach, one of three things can happen: we do not see him; we see him but do nothing; or, as he’s passing we reach out and “grab the opportunity by the tuft of its h...

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