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    #WDR2018 Reality Check #9: A Critical Analysis of the World Bank’s World Development Report on Education by Steven J. Klees

    Credits: Khasar Sandag / World Bank

    The annual World Development Report (WDR) is the World Bank’s flagship publication. The 2018 report is entitled Learning to Realize Education’s Promise. In the 40 year history of the WDR, this is the first time its focus has been on education. Many commentators have welcomed this as needed in this time when education systems...

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    #WDR2018 Reality Check #8: "Unions do contribute to quality education. An example from the Gambia", by Marie Antoinette Corr

    Credits: John Savage (Flickr)

    The World Development Report 2018 recognises, although briefly, that poor working conditions for teachers can undermine learning (p.138). It argues that the status of the teaching profession has declined over the last few decades, and that as a result, “teachers deserve more from the systems that employ them” (p.138).

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    #WDR2018 Reality Check #7: “The Gender Dimension in the World Bank’s Perception”, by Nelly Stromquist

    Credits: World Bank photo collection

    With the production of a World Development Report focused on education, the World Bank makes a decisive claim to its authority in education policy. Given an introductory section acknowledging 119 “researchers and specialists across the world” who provided “feedback and suggestions” for the report (WDR 2018 hereafter), it would...

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