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“Education at a Glance 2020: what can we learn for education systems’ recovery post-COVID19?”, by John Bangs.

Education International

It is an indicator of the depth of the crisis created by Covid that OECD’s Secretary General, Angel Gurria should take on the responsibility for launching this year’s edition of Education at a Glance. While the OECD describes the EAG as a flagship publication and it’s full of interesting comparative data, it doesn’t normally hav...

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“The Movement Against Pension Reform in France: Paradoxes of Teacher Militancy” by Laurent Frajerman.

Photo: Rafael Lopez / Flickr

Teachers in France, like in many countries, are simultaneously leading a social movement and facing the prospect of a lowering of their professional status, which would become more acute as a result of the pension reform undertaken by the French government in 2019. But their ‘uber-militancy’ (the use of strikes by teachers being...

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