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    “A teacher’s experience having to get to grips with online teaching in the midst of a global pandemic”, by Lisa O’Donoghue.

    Education International

    I sighed as I sat down at my kitchen table. To my left, a fresh cup of coffee, to my right stacks of textbooks, in front of me a fully charged Microsoft Surface Pro. Right, let’s do this! My fingers hovered uncertainly over my keyboard as I perused my notes and carefully formulated plan for the day. It was Friday 13th March and...

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    “The impact of COVID-19 on society in the Asia-Pacific region”, by Masaki Okajima.

    Photo: GPE/Livia Barton

    COVID-19 is spreading worldwide, impacting children, educators, parents and, most seriously, vulnerable people. The pandemic has affected over 1.5 billion learners in 192 countries in the world. School closures affect over 91% of the world’s enrolled student population and teaching personnel. Most countries in Asia-Pacific have...

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